The Recharge Photography Workshop

I have so much to share with you...

I started to make sure that every image I created, said something. Made my audiences feel something… and that in turn, became my identity.

Art with a soul. Art with its own voice.

And now I want to pass on the soul, the voice of my art to you.

Recharge | Refresh | Refocus
Medina, Ohio
February 19th to 21st, 2021

What we will cover : 

Shooting with instruction Our photography shootouts are tailored to teach you how we accomplish the photographic shots that clients love. We ask that you show up with the desire to learn and not to just get a shot, or pose a model. The goal isn’t for you to have more portfolio images, but to shoot with intention, learn from the instructors and then recreate these types of sessions, and make them better. Its instructing and demonstrating, followed by shooting one person at a time so that EVERYONE can get a great shot, we want you to get the same shots we get for your portfolio and for the editing classes. ohio photographer Post Processing As educators and photography students we know that there is nothing more frustrating then having that feeling that your instructor is keeping industry secrets. They aren’t telling you everything! Guess what? We are open books and we will show you our post processing from start to finish. Ask us anything! Marketing & Sales We will discuss your ideal client, crafting your brand message, goal setting, and social media marketing.